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About Us, who we are - behind the scenes.

A quick note: was previously associated to the sale of tangible products and telecom services,  having been aquired by ORB Telemedia Ltd, domain ownership was transferred earlier this year and smart2check which is now a brand of ORB Telemedia Ltd. 

So what is ORB Telemedia Ltd, actually about, does it have any relationship to satellite television, and diallers for sky, or the such, - actually not really, the links are thin at best,  ORB Telemedia Ltd, is a partnership between Ross McDowell and David Parker, we are focussed on bringing you the best possible pricing in thewholesale termination markets of the telecoms industry.


The two main owners David and Ross, are both from North East Scotland, Ross lives and works from the coastal area of Spain in and around Barcelona, David being a bit more of a gypsy, currently lives in the Malaga region of Spain, previously found in the Canary Islands, Gibraltar, Germany, Cyprus, Abu Dhabi, and Alicante region of Spain, he is now settled in the Andalucian mountains.

The difficult part for them, being from Scotland, was the re-training program, having to learn new words like arbitrage, factor, to be able to communicate properly with all clients around the world. Seriously though, Scottish stereotyping is fairly close to the truth Scots have been stereotyped as being thrifty, cautious, and careful of detail.

Scotland is a country in which individualism flourishes and explains why Scots have been responsible for more of the significant discoveries and inventions we take for granted in today's world than any other nationality.

Ross and David are no exception, its the subtleness of Scottish culture that wins through Scots, are great explorers, will tell you straight if your being plain stupid, and have a respect for the pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

David likes to explore underground tunnels, dark places, and former cold war installations, you know the kind of places that now are home to secure data centres, he also has a passion for dance music, eating, drinking and all other things that make for a highly functional family life, his attitude towards business is no exception and clients are treated like family members. David has many years bluechip experience at a senior level in the telecoms industry, he focuses on the technical aspects and RFPs, contract side of the business.

Ross meanwhile enjoys being a spectator in motor sport events, the buzz from the need for speed is in his blood, in a past life he was a test engineer on a private circuit and got to play with the cars one can only drool over on television, these days a family man, he is to be found, playing with his daughter and tinkering with his car in a relentless effort to squeeze a few more horses out his motor, he focuses on sales and research.

Both David and Ross realise that the bottom line of the business, is down to margins, both focus on client retention and rate negotiation, maybe this is down to the Scottish stereotyping, by keeping things tight for clients, they keep the clients as part of the clan.

The back office is evolving, new processes, machines and automation are bringing ORB Telemedia Ltd striding into the next generation of telecom service providers.

In the past smart2check was a domain owned by David, it offered diallers, telecom services, and satellite tv support, this business collapsed following massive changes in technology and other events, the previous investors and technologies have moved on, evolved, the telecom services are more focussed, the diallers are now clients instead of devices, and we support broadcasters studios, call centres, small business, entrepeneaurs, enterprise business anyone who needs our services including adult / tarot webmasters.

So now you know a bit more about us, come chat with us online, or meet us in person at the various telecom industry events- as example later this year you can meet us in Amsterdam, October 2013, in person.

Thanks for reading about ORB.

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