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"smart2check" is the brand name of ORB Telemedia

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A brief summary of our solutions and services

Orb telemedia, is a specialist telecom firm, we are a premium rate number provider and our core business is providing international payments on the revenue generated from calling the numbers we provide you. Our payment rates are very favourable and irrespective of the size of business we offer everyone wholesale rates.

We are able to do this because our switches are directly interconnected with telephone carriers and number range owners around the world, including as example, Chile, UK; Spain, Gambia, Estonia, Lithuania, and many more leading destinations.  ORB is able to provide excellent payout rates and support solutions for your marketing campaigns and business needs.

Call Duration Statistics: is provided by our client test panel (portal), this combines a web page interface to our telecom switch in the data centr to a user friendly test panel.
Our portal is available in two skins, one is our general panel, the other is a white label version for resellers. Within our portal, you can monitor live calls, check your account balance and minute totals, our full online statistics including historic data and you can download reports in easy to manage csv files.

Call Routing: If you operate your own systems, we can further route the calls via SIP to your own panel or phone system.

Outpayments: We pay clients using bank / wire transfer, with other methods such as paypal, moneybookers, western union being available on request (subject to extra terms and conditions). We operate three primary currencies, EUR - euro´s, GBP - pounds sterling, and USD - United States Dolars.

Support: we provide live support using MSN and Skype, email is always available as are our website forms and services, using our web forms allows your inquiry to be processed quickly by back office staff.

Within our pages you will find various guides and information that will help you get started and earning quickly, if you cannot find what you need then contact our staff and we will be happy to assist.

VAS: ORB Telemedia, offers a range of value added services, such as IVR call tree processing, forwarding, routing, voIP services, call recording and much more, if you need something different for your business or service, then contact us. We also provide content, such as chat hosts, adult, non adult, in various languages.

Meet us in person: We will be in Marbella October 2012, or come see us in our offices by making an advanced appointment. The domain is operated by ORB Telemedia

Flexibility: Number range owners and carriers, who wish to partner with ORB  Telemedia are invited to contact us directly,  we are happy to discuss options and promote mutually beneficial growth.

Broadcasters and Content providers who are looking for a solution to improve services and call through put need look no further, ORB Telemdia is experienced in working with television stations, large business, small business and individuals alike. Get in touch now and we will assess  your needs.

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Enhance Your Business

  • solutions for home workers

    Existing Businesses.

    Using our services, is a simple task, our specialists, can asess your needs and provide appropriate solutions advice for your requirements.

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  • on the money


    Have a wicked idea, want to use premium rate numbers?

  • Choose your number type:

  • "Domestics", with their high outpayments, are perfect for a targeted audience, via press, tv, 
    internet and other advertising methods. 

  • Domestics are generally considered to be the national recognised country specific premium rate numbers with the highest call costs, and of course outpayment rates.
  • ORB Telemedia has access to these numbers, from various channel partners around the world and can provide them along with outpayment, further terms and condtions apply. 

  • "International", various outpayments from small to large, IPRN offers access from various countries, sometimes with different payment rates depending on the origin of traffic and volume. These are a common type of premium rate number, sometimes called special service or audiotext numbers.
"Mobile", as the name implies, mobile numbers, as found with SIM´s these numbers also share revenue outpayments, we have a variety of these from various countries, being mobile numbers accessibility is very high on an international level.

"Fixed", these are the numbers normally associated with traditional phone lines, they offer tiny rebate and are suitable for local calling service operators who need a community presence at low operation cost.

"NGN", non geographic numbers, these service numbers revenue share, accessibility and cost to dial vary depending on the particular number range used as well as source and origin country.

"Special Service Numbers", other numbers that exist, are special numbers, like freephone / free call, shared cost, all of these expect the receiver of the call to pay part or all the charges incurred. These are ideal for business wanting to make a good impression and bond with end clients.

"Satellite " / "Universal" , global non geographic numbers, usually associated to roaming handsets these offer a viable alternative to some of the international premium rate numbers.

ORB Telemedia, offers all the above number types, and more, if you need something specific or want more information please contact us.