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Frequently Asked Questions and answers.

On this page find answers to some of the more common questions, including the reasons we do things differently.
For some questions we have developed dedicated pages - (click the red links)

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How long does it take to setup an account?
This varies, for some international destinations we can have you setup and running within hours, we do not do a self service, automatic sign up - the reason is we offer our clients very favourable rates and terms, to ensure that you get the best possible service we need to have a contract in place, we may also request additional identity and proof of address documents to comply with telecom regulators as well as financial institutions, this is called due-dilligence it is for our mutual safety, we do monitor our email and site communications, so in many cases we can have you up and running within a short time frame, to speed this process up please use the dedicated pages listed at the top of this page.

Do you have a no-name / no-brand test panel for my clients?
Yes, we can offer this, we have a white label unbranded panel it is available without any additional costs

How do you deliver the calls?
Our standard options terminate on our IVR to an existing service, we can also load a sound file you provide, or for a nominal fee can design a bespoke service for you.  We can also SIP route them to you by IP without charge to your own IVR. And for some clients we route calls to PSTN or MOBILE numbers; this service carries a nominal routing fee.


How often do you pay?
Our solutions offer various payment terms and billing cycles as well as rates, the payments you receive are subject to the individual specifications of a particular solution.

Do you have a minimum outpayment level?
Yes, we operate minimum balance levels of $500 USD, €500 EUR, 500GBP. To receive timely outpayment as per terms you must reach this level of balance. Alternatively we may agree to lower balances being paid subject to you accepting the associated fees in making the transfer.

What must I do to claim payment?
You must provide us an invoice for your traffic, or we can upon request send you a statement, once the invoice is received along with the payment detail (example bank account information), then we will process your invoice and subject to having received the payment for your traffic and any other terms such as minimum balance - we then transfer the balance.

When do you not pay for traffic?
If we or our carrier partners identify the use of hacked PBXs, fraudulent SIM cards, we will immediately withhold payments due whilst the matter  or alarms are being investigated, and then if or when requested we will inform the relevant authorities.

Basically the only occaison we will not pay, is when we ourselves have not been paid. In such rare instances we will partake in as much dialogue as necessary including forwarding correspondence as needed.


Are rates negotiable?
Every client starts on a rate card rate, after we have established a relationship with you, or you have a proven record in this business, we are open to negotiations.

Do you have additional destinations?
Our services are improved every day. Our actual active destinations with codes, test numbers and rates are shown in the test panel. However, we are interconnected to a number of wholesalers and carriers, and you can always ask us for non listed destinations by contacting our dedicated staff directly.

Why are some test numbers are not reachable from my country?
Operators around the world do restrict from time to time certain premium rate numbers from some source destinations, other operators do not support them at all. If you are not able to reach some test numbers from your telecom or VoIP provider, you should try to reach it from another firm. For guidance you can ask our staff who can advise you on the best solutions for access from your source geographical area.


Can I send traffic to one number from several other numbers at the same time?
Yes you can, but in some cases we may restrict numbers with a maximum simultaneous calls limit from one caller id, we may also have restrictions to maximum daily minutes per number to some of our destinations, as well as restrictions both minimum and maximum on call duration but usually they are sufficient for the day and if you are able to reach the limits, we can assign you further numbers to spread your traffic load.


Is a visit to you possible?
Yes, upon request, clients or suppliers can come and see us, we are also to be found at trade shows and events, see our news page for information about events.

Do you have access lists?
We can produce access information on request for clients whom we have established a history, but do not publish it.