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IVR Construction of call flows, customisations

IVR - or interactive voice response, the term given to the automatic call handling systems used by major enterprise, for things like telephone banking, or small business to get you to the right department for client attention.

Picture the scenario, you have just come up with an excellent idea, to improve your business, or you have setup a tarot, astro, adult service, and now find the regulator has imposed some mandatory caveats on you such as call recording.

ORB Can setup call flow routing to client specifications, we do charge for this, and some of the associated services, (some elements are provided as is), but for a true tailored experience, you will want your own voice prompts, maybe in local language dialect, or  maybe to follow a certain process,

We can integrate IVR services with our international or domestic numbers, with varying fees and tarrifs depending on the complexity, or if you have already got a set of numbers matched for your business and wish to expand it, we can  design totally bespoke to fit your needs.

To get a quote or learn more then please contact us.
Here are some examples.

Call Recording - yes, we can offer call recording services.
Custom Call flow, and handling, yes we can offer this.

A simple example.

Thank you for calling Acme demonstration services.
All calls are recorded for training and security reasons

To speak to our sales department, press 1. 
For the customer service department, press 2.
For accounts department press 3.
To leave a message press 4.
sub menu.1
For Barry, press 1
For Nigel, press 2
to return to the main menu, press star

sub menu2.
For Bob, press 1
For Sue, press 2
For Rita, press 3
to return to the main menu, press star

sub menu3.
For Dave, press 1
For Russ, press 2

Your message is being recorded, please leave your name, message and phone number,
including country code, thank you for choosing Acme.

A more complex example, for use with web based tarot operators using UK numbers.

complex ivr flow diagram

 July 2012