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How ORB Telemedia can help your business.

First we can save you money, or make you money it depends on your angle and motivations for telecom services.

For image, and marketing.
We can make your business more attractive, by giving you easy numbers to that your clients remember.
We then sweeten the deal and you can decide from a multitude of numbering option (some examples):
For upgrades, cost savings, evolution
VAS - some of our value add services, we can provide you virtual pabx services, we can build and design systems for you using our unique industry partner connections. We can provide savings by means of wholesale voIP, and do this for any size / spend level of clients.

voIP wholesale
We can offer wholesale routes on prepay destinations. This area will be updated shortly as we test the robustness of our servers, if you want to beta trial some of this we can make some pre-pay arrangements and offer your business access to wholesale services without any obligations or long term contracts, our consultants will happily advise on this, we do however state that we do not broker on daily CLI routes - instead we use reliable wholesale interconnects and bundle these offers to you. We can as example build you a small system, that allows 20 lines, sip callers at one time, and advise, and upon request sell to you various voIP hardware such as ATA´s or gateways, other devices (and services).

jargon busting
ok, you have in your office or home a couple of phones, an internet connection and you want to get more lines, more phones, and make it easy to use  as well as save money.
Using the internet is one way, and we can advise you on costs per call, give you numbers that are by all means the same as you would get by using your expensive phone company., we set it up*, stick the whole lot in a box, send it to you.
You unpack, follow some real simple instruction to plug in connectors and  switch it on. Some simple checks to make, then start using it, contact us if there is an issue. Job done. *  
More lines, cheaper calls, easy to use,
* a consultation and some analysis is needed to validate your internet connection stability, and options.

 July 2012