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Webmasters / other businesses

Telecom Numbering Services
A variety of number options exist, at the most simple side of the scale, you have a site / product / business, with limited geographical reach, maybe you only target the UK, or another country, you want to monetise some part of the site traffic, and provide a service that people will gladly pay for, you dont want anything complex, other than meeting regulator requirements, you simply want a number to be able to advertise it and receive calls.
For this type of setup we suggest one of the following.
More Advance Services and Interaction between client and webmaster / content provider.
So you have had your website running for a while, you are receiving calls, and have a number of staff, you´ve decided to improve things, and currently answer all calls received via a few select numbers, you receive calls out of hours, want to take on some more staff or provide a better interactive experience to your callers.

We would suggest that at this point of your business evolution that you should be looking at advanced / customised IVR (Interactive Voice Response - the term used when describing an automated davanced call handling service) , you may want to show the availability status of your staff / agents / operators online in realtime - you might find that some clients prefer speaking to a particular staff member over others, this is often very true of adult and tarot operators.

We can provide custom call flow IVR´s with live feeds back to your site to show status, how it works is relatively simple. On your website you have your various operator agent names and photos or other information that is easy to see for your client, we setup the system so that your staff member logs in and is now displaying their status as available, when that staff member is on a call the web status changes to show he or she is busy and a caller is told this status from the IVR with the choice to quit the call or choose another named operator, or the next available operator (whatever is best suited for your needs). If required we can also offer overspill operator services (next available operator). If this is the kind of setup you require it will have initial setup costs, we can look in detail at a commercial setup arrangement that allows you to reclaim these costs or minimise them as much as possible, we suggest you contact us for more detail whilst having a further look at our custom IVR page.

Payment Processing Services / Micropayments and other bolt on solutions
Often people looking at premium rate numbers have products, goods and services that they wish to sell, and at first glance premium rate numbers can seem a good option, indeed it is for many firms, you should also know there is other options you can offer, if your service involves live person chat then call in packages could be considered, where a client pre-pays for time to speak to an operator via micro payments such as SMS, premium SMS, credit card, the same principals apply for products, you may already be aware of this, and be looking for a way to improve your call flow, some businesses stay at a tipping point where the number of calls in are about equal to the number of staff availability, to improve caller wait time, you may be thinking about additional staff but cannot justify this. In such cases you should consider our call centre services. Some of the highlights are listed below.

In other scenarios you may have staff in various countries and need to pay them, pre-paid debit cards, bank transfers and other invoice options would be the way to proceed.

Call Centre and overspill operator services for content providers
This is detailed within other sections of our site, ORB Telemedia can provide in a variety of languages, and with a defined capacity level, chat hosts, answering services, overspill operators, call recording and even content, if you need extra staff for a particular campaign contact us, and we will discuss your needs in detail, to come up with the perfect solution(s).

Pros and Cons of Premium Rate Numbers
There are plenty pros to using premium rate numbers, we cover all of them in our website, but what about the cons, what do you need to consider. Here are some basics, depending on the type of number used, as example a domestic number, you may have many requirements to meet to adhere to a code of practice including call recording. If you are sending out tangible goods based on revenue from premium rate numbers, then you have to consider some calls may be reversed if they were made without the owners permission, to cover this some of your earnings maybe held back for a defined period and the regulators may oblige you to record calls, or even ask you to make a bond during your business startup (startup in this context being as a user of premium rate numbers - your business could be nicely aged and well established in a number of countries, cities, towns or villages but the regulators may look at your history as a number operator and ask for a bond. You will also be wanting to capitilise on the call potential and have the maximum outpayment for the calls received, you also need to consider that payment to you would not be made until the carrier collects all monies from the various interconnects, and has gone a full billing cycle, typically these are from 30 days after the end of month of production and in some cases this can be as much as 60 days after the end of the month of production - outpayments before the end of the billing cycle carry some risk, as fraudulent calls may not have been eliminated - short term payments such as weekly are called factors, because of the risks involved outpayments that are factored can be considerably smaller than full cycle payments, we can discuss with you the best options for your business.

The benefits of using us

ORB Telemedia, provides the following and much more.
Open Invitation to content providers and other businesses.
We are constantly evolving, we work in a fair and ethical manner, we are well connected within the industry, in some cases we know we will be beaten on price, in other cases our offers are unique, that is business, so how can we do better and why choose us, we provide full customer support and unbiased advice, you can meet us in person at various trade events (see our news page for detail).  We invite you to work with us, evolve with us, we will help you, as you help us,  any proposals you have will be looked at and considered.

ORB Telemedia Telecom Services for business.